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The Importance of Professional Documentation

on Friday, 13 September 2013. Posted in Northern Virginia Low Voltage Integration

How this Northern Virginia integrator makes its mark with builders and clients



Here at Encore Custom Audio Video, we work directly with homeowners and business executives on installations and updates, but we are also invited to help builders and architects on jobs far outside our usual Northern Virginia reach. That’s exactly what happened in early 2012, when a local builder contacted us about a project he was pursuing down in the Bahamas(!).

What does 4K Mean to You?

on Tuesday, 04 June 2013. Posted in Northern Virginia Audio Visual Installation

Award-winning Northern Virginia custom electronics and design integration firm demystifies the new TV technology

Sony 4k lifestyle


What does 4K Mean to You?

Award-winning Northern Virginia custom electronics and design integration firm
demystifies the new TV technology

4K TVs are slowly coming to market in force, with more major manufacturers announcing new products all the time. The latest (and perhaps most enthusiastic) is Sony, and Encore Custom Audio Video is taking the opportunity of our latest blog to get into the (high resolution) details…

3 Ways Shade Automation Improves Your Outlook

on Wednesday, 08 May 2013. Posted in Northern Virginia Home Automation

Encore sheds light on the advantages of Crestron shade solutions

Summer is almost here, which means there’s no better time than now to tame your environment!


Remote controlled shades (manufactured by Crestron and installed by Encore Custom Audio Video) provide beauty, luxury and exceptional quality. If you haven’t experienced the convenience of shades operating by remote control, you have yet to discover what technology integration can do for your day-to-day living. More than that, however, just imagine the different ways this simple upgrade can affect the way you live:


Crestron Roman

Product Spotlight: Sonos PLAYBAR

on Tuesday, 30 April 2013. Posted in Northern Virginia Audio Visual Installation

Award-winning Northern Virginia audio video expert takes a look at the latest

home theater

It probably goes without saying that Encore is in business because we have an unbridled passion for all things audio and visual. Few interactions are more enjoyable than simply talking up what’s new and exciting in our industry. We’ve heard a lot of chatter recently about the new PLAYBAR from Sonos, so we thought we’d take the opportunity of this blog post to take a look at this new phenomenon a little closer…

“It’s the ultimate music machine for fans.” – Variety Magazine

home theater

The biggest reason why Encore offers Sonos brand solutions is simple…because we’re fans of music and any tools that make listening to music fun and easy hold a warm place in our hearts.

With a sophisticated 9-speaker design, the PLAYBAR is surprisingly simple to set up. It syncs with other Sonos speakers wirelessly and plays all sources plugged into your HDTV (cable/SAT boxes, Blu-ray, game consoles…if it’s connected to your HDTV, PLAYBAR will play it).

PLAYBAR is also a stand-alone all-in-one Sonos player that allows you to wirelessly stream all the music on earth. The PLAYBAR can sit above or beneath your TV, on a table, or can be mounted on a wall. Whereas the initial products from Sonos were all stereo-centric, the PLAYBAR was designed to enhance your television playback like no other device on the market. After all, while TVs have gotten thinner and lighter, the sound has suffered. Not anymore.

Remember when TiVo first came on the market? Or the iPhone? The people who have had the SONOS system installed talk about it with the same kind of enthusiasm as the first consumers of those market-changing products. It’s as if they had forgotten how music and ambient sound can enhance their lives. Now that they’ve rediscovered this passion, they feel compelled to share their experience with friends and neighbors and anyone who isn’t in the know. We feel much the same.

We’ve had the opportunity to experience a diverse range of systems in our time here at Encore, and Sonos truly has a product that gets people talking. Sonos components are convenient, simple to set-up and use, and (most importantly) a lot of fun! We recommend it wholeheartedly. When industry professionals get THIS excited about a manufacturer and their products, it usually pays to listen.


Want to add a new dimension? The Sonos SUB subwoofer can be added for increased fidelity, providing incredible lows that never generate distortion from its compact package.

Anytime you want the lowdown on the latest technology advancements being launched in the home technology field, please don’t hesitate to call us at Encore! It’s very much why we’re here.

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