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Why Should You Hire an Integrator for Your Home Theater Project?

on Thursday, 22 May 2014. Posted in Northern Virginia Home Theater Installation

Encore Custom A/V has 4 points (& examples) to consider…

Whether remodelling an existing space or constructing a new home (and home theater), you’re going to want to work with a personal technology professional who is adept at collaborating with interior designers, architects, electricians and more. Why? Encore Custom A/V has a few reasons…

How Does Whole-House Audio Distribution Improve Your Listening Experience?

on Wednesday, 16 April 2014. Posted in DC Metro Audio Visual Installation

Encore Custom Audio/Video explores how the right installation will put music to your ears for years to come

Whole-house audio systems installed by Encore Custom A/V provide a listening experience like no other. Supporting a variety of sources with wired and wireless distributed audio solutions and intuitive control our unparalleled solutionsperfect for any home (whether in Arlington, Virginia specifically, Northern Virginia in general, or beyond). 

Harness the Power of Green with Crestron

on Wednesday, 16 October 2013. Posted in Northern Virginia Home Automation

Award-winning Northern Virginia Custom Technology Expert Spotlights Environmental Solutions

Since we opened the doors at Encore Custom Audio Video, we have been committed to offering only the finest and most reliable brands for every project we take on here in the Northern Virginia and DC Metro areas. Some brands might be instantly recognizable to professionals in our industry, but that doesn’t always mean our customers know exactly who these manufacturers are or everything they have to offer in convenience and energy savings. For example, many are aware that Crestron has been the leading provider of control and automation systems for over 40 years. What they might not know is how Crestron solutions can actually save energy and money. To rectify this, we’re making Crestron solutions our feature this month.

What IS “Home Automation?”

on Monday, 23 September 2013. Posted in Northern Virginia Home Automation

Your Favorite Northern Virginia Custom Audio/Video Integrator Provides an Easy Guide

What’s home automation? It’s not a silly question. When customers call Encore for advice on how to automate their homes, they’re often unsure what automation is exactly, let alone know the level of “intelligence” that they want in their home. Drawing from years of experience providing integration services throughout the Northern Virginia/DC Metro areas, we assembled this brief guide to help you decide exactly how “automated” you want your home to be.