The Importance of Professional Documentation

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How this Northern Virginia integrator makes its mark with builders and clients



Here at Encore Custom Audio Video, we work directly with homeowners and business executives on installations and updates, but we are also invited to help builders and architects on jobs far outside our usual Northern Virginia reach. That’s exactly what happened in early 2012, when a local builder contacted us about a project he was pursuing down in the Bahamas(!).

We had partnered with the builder before and he wasn’t finding a comparable consulting firm in the islands. He sent us a PDF of the project, the client’s 2nd home, with floor plans for the nearly 13,000 sqr ft property sitting on a 4 acre lot. The builder and his client were strictly looking for consulting and design input. As with a lot in life, stuff happens and things change.

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From Challenge to Opportunity

Working outside the country is always interesting. The property was expansive, with a gate nearly half a mile from the main house and a pool/tennis area that required connections hundreds of yards away from the primary control. They required documentation for the project scope, which included full automation throughout; how it should start and what it would take to complete, with no plans for Encore to contribute to the pre-wire or any of the general construction.

However, after meeting with the property owner, we produced the scope and pre-wire documentation with D-Tools software. D-Tools enabled Encore to provide prewire schematics for lighting control, network connectivity, automated shading, HVAC, audio/video and more, and we’ve been able to streamline the documentation and estimating process. This elevates our presentation to a level of professionalism not readily available from consultants in similar situations.

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The Right D-Tools for the Job

We knocked it out of the park, thanks in no small part to D-Tools. The 20-page documentation demonstrated such expertise, the client called back within a month to hire Encore in stages to complete the work (instead of them using local resources). First we submitted the prewire plans. Then we sent a crew of 5 contractors to the Bahamas. Sounds sweet, but they worked 14-16 hour days to complete 6 weeks of work in just 2 weeks, making them part of an elite club of people who return from the islands without having seen much sun. That doesn’t matter so much, because the homeowner was present for the final prewire stage and was blown away by the cleanliness and professionalism of the Encore team.

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Now Encore has been hired for everything; from reviewing the post pre-wire to thousands of dollars in design work to all the rack elevations and everything in between. The completed work is still months away, but the job is already a tremendous success for us and our partners at D-Tools.

Just remember, whatever the size of the job (and wherever it may be), Encore Custom AV has your solution for getting your home or office connected and automated. Never hesitate to contact your friends at Encore. We're looking forward to the opportunity to impress you!


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