Encore Brings Home More than Just the Theater

on Tuesday, 27 October 2015. Posted in Northern Virginia Home Theater Installation

Mid-Atlantic Custom A/V Firm Sets Sites on Providing Award-Winning Results (Nearly) Every Time

“You can’t win them all.” It’s a truism in life, but it never stop us from trying.

Encore had an enviable streak going into this year’s CEDIA Expo in Dallas; winning the Gold Award for Best Home Theater Design and Installation at the last four national trade shows in a row meant we were the firm to beat. Not to mention that our submission was one of the most amazing transformations our crew had produced to date!

Picture this: an underutilized builder-grade basement that the family wanted transformed into an extraordinary home cinema/multipurpose space…all while still maintaining an “open” feel. And, when they say “open,” they actually mean constructing a ski-lodge atmosphere, which was something very different than the more colonial décor in the remainder of the house. A space at home within which they could truly get away!

This required a design that created only the partial feel of a Private Cinema, while the remaining area would be utilized as a full Kitchen (including a Wine Rack, Tasting Area, and a table that seats four), providing the family the desired “wow” factor of being completely immersed into the viewing experience with the quality audio and video performance we were to provide.

The finished room includes an automated vertical masking screen, twelve zones of Crestron centralized lighting and two automated Crestron blackout shades. Custom acoustic panels (TAD, hybrid, diffusers, & absorbers) were used with tracking and stretched fabric. Custom oak beams were added in the center of the room for the lodge feel, along with stained oak trim and the surrounding baseboard. The room features three tiers of seating with fifteen United Leather custom-suede electronic chairs. The room also features a custom-made TEAK table that seats an additional six.

All viewers can see the screen, including in the Kitchen area, which is an outstanding space in its own right. Comfortably seating 26 people at capacity, everyone has an amazing sight line to the screen. This area features custom tile, stone walls and backsplash with all the appliances required to make for a one-of-a-kind basement kitchen (Ice Maker, Wine & Can Fridge, Sink, and Dishwasher). Wood pallets were repurposed to construct a Wine Rack that holds 124 bottles. Like it, all the counter tops were custom made by our firm with stained Oak and 10 coats of polyurethane to ensure a lasting shine.

Above the wine rack, the wall is stone with pockets featuring LED wax candles controlled by the Crestron lighting system, adding another “wow” factor to the overall space and ambiance.

We then took what was the old Kitchen space and turned it into a dedicated AV closet with cooling. This room features two racks that are freestanding in the middle of the room, designed in such a way that someone can walk around either side of the rack and see no exposed wires, offering an extremely clean look while adding to sevicability.

Lastly, we incorporated a custom Barn Door so entering the room really gives the family a sense of entering a lodge. When closed, you feel as if you have just been transported to Jackson Hole, Wyoming or Aspen, Colorado. We also used a Sony 4K projector, with a Crestron DM system with sources such as Cable, AppleTV, Kaleidoscope, and a Karaoke machine.

The completed build demonstrates that our clients can request a home theater of virtually any look in any space, and we can (and will) accommodate. Ultimately, it was selected as a Finalist for Best Media Room in this year’s CEDIA Awards…but not the winner.

“You can’t win them all,” they say. That doesn’t stop us from tackling every job as if an award is on the line. Give us a call and let us show you how an award-winning Encore experience can give you the space you’ve always imagined.

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